At Northern Health Registrar and Advanced Trainee workforce is large and dynamic, numbering in excess of 250 doctors at all stages of training and career development.  Registrar positions can be appointed by Northern Health solely or jointly appointed directly by Northern Health & Austin Health as well as through Victorian and National training programs.

Northern Health Direct Appointments

Northern Health has a variety of Non-Accredited positions they are aimed to give the Registrars as much experience in the designated clinical area to prepare them for College applications and exams. These applications need to be applied for through Northern Health only.

The Non-Accredited positions Northern Health directly appoint are

Surgery – Plastics, Urology,Vascular & Thoracic,  Orthopedics & Acute General Surgical Unit (AGSU)

Medicine – Cardiology, Senior Medical Registrar

Emergency – Emergency Department & Emergency Pediatrics

Women & Children – Obstetrics & Gynecology


Northern Health & Austin Health Joint Appointments

The Austin Northern Joint appointments are appointed for both doctors on training programs and Non-Accredited positions who do rotations at both Northern Health Sites & Austin Health Sites. These jobs can be applied for through either Northern Health  & Austin Health.

Surgery – Vascular & Thoracic, General Surgical Units (Breast, Upper GI & Endocrine, Hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) & Colorectal) &  Acute General Surgical Unit (AGSU)

Medicine – Aged Care, General Medicine Wards, Hospital in the Home, Infections Diseases, Observation and Assessment Uni, Renal & Respiratory