Welcome to the Junior Medical Staff Association website

The Northern Health Junior Medical Staff Association (JMSA) is here to look after you. We are a group of junior doctors who work at, and understand, the ins and outs of Northern Health. We are here to help you have a great year. Our committee includes representative junior doctors from all over Northern Health including the Northern Hospital Epping, Broadmeadows Health Service and Bundoora Extended Care Centre. The JMSA represents all junior doctors – Interns, HMOs and Registrars.

We are strong and efficient advocates for junior doctors. We regularly attend the monthly JMO Committee, chaired by the Chief Medical Officer, was established in 2016 to provide a direct line of communication with our hospital executive.

The JMSA recruits annually in February and has several portfolios dedicated to the advocacy for and enhancement of the experiences and training of junior doctors at Northern Health. The JMSA is in regular contact with the Victorian AMA and provides one possible escalation path for workforce issues at Northern Health. JMSA also regularly runs social events between junior doctors at Northern Health.

JMSA has a Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/NHJMSA

Residents Quarters (Ressies)

Map of Hospital Including Ressies


In 2021 JMSA aims to improve overall awareness of the association, to work to improve overall junior medical staff morale and to advocate on behalf of our junior medical staff

Future planning

  • Social: To run events at the end of all 5 intern rotations. To run the intern valedictory event. To look into running an annual ball. To look into running a retreat.
  • Education: To facilitate regular clinical skills workshops.
  • Wellbeing: TBC
  • IT/Promotions: weekly bulletins, ensure junior doctor input at the various IT user group committees, maintain the JMSA website and Facebook page.
  • Promotions: Liaise with businesses to identify sponsorship opportunities and JMSA membership exclusive deals.
  • Resident’s Quarters: To investigate the feasibility of a full renovation of the TNH RMO quarters. To maintain and keep the space tidy. To ensure a regular supply of food an snacks in the RMO quarters.

Incoming Presidents 2021

Dr Tessa Low and Dr Thomas Shiels

2021 Co-Presidents Tessa and Thomas

Outgoing Presidents 2020

Dr Mandeep Kalsi and Dr Katie Carasco

Outgoing Presidents 2019

Dr Anastasia Castles and Dr Sita Murugappan

2019 Co-Presidents Dr Anastasia Castles and Dr Sita Murugappan