How to get involved

Everyone is welcome!

We’d love to see you at the monthly meetings.

Every year in January we hold the Annual General Meeting of the preceding clinical year and the new executive committee is voted in. In February there is a special meeting (i.e. NOT the first Monday of the month) later in the month than usual to allow the new doctors to settle in. We then hold nominations for the general committee. Please see the Terms of Reference for full details.

The General Committee consists of:

Non-portfolio holders (unlimited seats available)

General committee members free to join sub-committee task groups throughout the year

Portfolio holders

Social Officers

  • organise social events
  • liaise with other hospital RMO Societies for joint events

Sponsorship officers

  • organise sponsored lunches
  • seek to obtain sponsorship for events

Education officers

  • liaise with the Medical Education Unit re: Intern & HMO teaching
  • sit as junior medical staff representatives on the Committee of Medical Education
  • advocate for junior medical staff for ongoing CPD
  • organise educational opportunities for medical students and junior medical staff

Welfare officers

  • provide support for junior medical officers e.g. struggling interns
  • organise wellbeing events/sessions/programs
  • liaise with relevant persons/units regarding rostering, etc.

IT and Communications officers

  • liaise with and assist the IT working group
  • attend and liaise with the Medtasker working group
  • seek other opportunities to ensure the JMO perspective is included in the implementation of NH IT projects

Residential quarters officers

  • ensure appropriate allocation of Lockers
  • manage service and running requirements of ressies

Environmental and Community Outreach (ECO) Officer (NEW ROLE – to be ratified on Feb 17th by vote)

  • liaise with the Northern Health Environmental Officer
  • investigate and implement independent opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of junior doctors at the Northern Health
  • investigate and implement local council and business opportunities to improve the image of junior doctors and Northern Health and to achieve social good

IMG Officers (NEW ROLE – to be ratified on Feb 17th by vote)

  • Represent the interests of IMG JMOs at NH
  • Encourage engagement of IMG JMOs with JMSA social events
  • Organise IMG specific education sessions with support of Medical Education Uniy

Of course, everyone is welcome to attend without joining the committee so don’t worry – rock up, get to know us, share your woes and celebrate your joys.

Come find us in the Unit 16 tute room at 6pm on the first Monday of every month!