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Welcome to Northern Health.

We understand the requirements of the AMC, MBA and AHPRA for international medical graduates can be confusing. This information offers you a summary guide to some of those requirements, and the processes Northern Health have in place to assist you.


Support is provided through the supervision structure for IMGs at Northern Health.

  1. You will have an allocated AHPRA principle supervisor. The role of the principle supervisor is to finalise and sign off your WRIG-30, provide oversight of your supervision requirement as per AHPRA guidelines, and assist you with any queries related to your supervision. If you are not aware of whom your principle supervisor is, please contact the Medical Workforce Unit.
  3. Please see the Northern Doctors website: to identify your term supervisor. Your term supervisor provides day to day clinical supervision, as well as completing your assessments. You should meet with your term supervisor early in your term to discuss specific clinical learning needs and goals for your term.

Feedback & Assessment

  1. Midterm Feedback can be completed by a registrar or consultant.

They provide feedback for you for your growth and development. Click Mid Term Feedback Form  to obtain a copy.

Once completed please scan them and forward to the medical education unit:

  1. End of term assessments are a mandatory requirement of AHPRA.

They will be needed to show evidence of successful completion of your terms when applying for general registration. The WRIG-30 work performance forms are found on the medical board website on:

Complete these forms with your term supervisor, and make an appointment with your principle supervisor for finalising and signatures.

The first WRIG30 that you will be required to complete will be at 3 months. This must be forwarded to AHPRA.  Please keep a copy of all of your WRIG-30s for future need.

Please ensure that all dates are accurate, and that the boxes are INITIALLED, not ticked or crossed.

Orientation report

An orientation report must be completed at the end of your first three months of practice in Australia. The form is found on the above link, complete it with your term supervisor and it will be finalised with your principle supervisor as above.

We strongly recommend that you access the PMCV orientation manual and participate in Hit the Ground Running workshops for orientation:

Applying for general registration

When applying for general registration you will require a letter of support from Northern Health.

To obtain this letter you must

    1. Arrange an appointment to discuss your application with either
    2. or
    3. Provide evidence of successful completion of all your terms and time requirements in the form of your WRIG -30 assessments.
  • You must know your commencement date at Northern Health, as well as the date of completion of your provisional registration.

Useful resources and websites

Useful contacts

Junior Medical Workforce Unit

Medical Education Unit