Welcome to 2020’s JMSA Secret Santa

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June 6, 2017

Welcome to 2020’s JMSA Secret Santa

Please leave a comment below with your name and email address.

To help out your Santa, consider adding what year of your training you are in, what stream (medical, surgical, acute care etc) you are interested in, or anything else about you e.g. lover of red wine or mystery novels.

Santas please email JMSA@nh.org.au when you have placed your clearly labeled gift under the Christmas tree in Ressies!

Please note surg reg Twinkles is just an example and all comments will be visible once approved.

Have fun and merry Christmas!



  1. Mistletoe Twinkle says:

    Surgical registrar keen on vascular surg. Also a fan of Christmas decorations and playing Diablo

  2. Grim Prognosis says:


  3. Kim Pham says:

    O+G unaccredited who loves breaking other specialties’ hearts by calling cat one Caesars. Moving to Bendigo with my two cats and husband to catch more babies. Loves wine, bright colours, live music and chocolate.

  4. Katie Carasco says:

    BPT2 but likes graded exposure to acute care. Trying to wean off the sugar (except the three that go in my coffee). Fan of books that tell me how shitty the world is but could probably do with the opposite.

  5. Aastha chadha says:

    Emergency Medicine HMO- starting my journey with Northern health amid this pandemic, totally loving it
    Love being surrounded by plants and great scented candles

  6. Frank Luo says:

    Surg reg, first year at the Austin/Northern hub, who always gets cases bumped by O&G caesars (See above). Loves Ferrero Rocher chocolate and maybe a bowtie or two for my cute 1 year old cavoodle Toby!

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